January 21, 2020


John Traveling Salesman 4.10 AboutHello and Welcome to GoSellGo.com™,

Over 25 years ago, my career in sales began in New Orleans, Louisiana selling commercial vinyl floor covering.  Since then I’ve moved on to other sales positions and have sold everything from suede upholstery leather to office furniture and now home furnishings.  Furniture is in my blood.  My Great Grandpa started a furniture company back in 1880 and over the years my Grandpa, Dad, Uncles and Brother were all active in the family business.  When I was a kid I always dreamed of working in the furniture business.

About 20 years ago, my childhood dream became a reality when the opportunity came to sell my family’s furniture products on the road as an independent sales representative.  I also sell other non-competing lines calling on retail furniture stores, trade showrooms and interior designers in the North Central part of the United States, or what people on the East and West Coasts refer to as “fly-over country”.  In short, I’m what you call a traveling salesman.

So how did the concept of GoSellGo™ get started?  One day in November of 2009, I was browsing in the business section of a local book store and came across a book called, “The One Minute Millionaire”, by Mark Victor Hanson and Robert G. Allen.  The title was intriguing enough to buy the book and begin reading it immediately.  At the time, I was looking for ideas to improve my selling methods and new ways to increase my income.  The story in the book really hit home and motivated me to set things in motion to start a website.  After spending many hours at nights and on weekends researching, thinking and planning, the concept of GoSellGo™ began to evolve.

Our goal is to build a network of like minded salespeople, who have an entrepreneurial spirit, are motivated to learn, improve and earn more income.  Our Blog, GoSellGo – For Salespeople Everywhere™ is where we’ll have conversations through our posts on a variety of sales related subjects.  Comments from other salespeople and guest authors are encouraged.  Your comments will help make the content richer and more useful to everyone visiting our website.  So let us know about your own selling experiences and unique perspectives so we can all learn from each other.

The GoSellGo Store™ includes products related to selling and self-improvement.  If you’d like to suggest other products, books and audio programs for inclusion in the store or have ideas on how to improve GoSellGo™, please send us a message through the contact page.

Be sure to sign up for our GoSellGo™ email list and receive a FREE copy of the GoSellGo Point System™.  The system was developed to help keep me focused on important selling tasks.  It works for me and could work for you too.  As a GoSellGo™ email subscriber, you’ll periodically receive free sales tips, self-improvement ideas and special offers to help you reach your goals.

This is the start of a great adventure.  Together, we can help each other improve and make a difference.

Good Selling,

John Sligh, Salesman and Founder of GoSellGo.com™