January 21, 2020

5 Ways to Maximize Sales at Trade Shows

Furniture Rep Friends High Point Market 300x225 5 Ways to Maximize Sales at Trade ShowsI just returned from the High Point Furniture Market in North Carolina.  According to the High Point Market Authority here’s some interesting facts about the semi-annual furniture market.

-  Over 85,000 attend including; buyers, interior designers, exhibitors and sales representatives.

-  There are over 188 showroom exhibitor buildings with a capacity of 12 million square feet.

-  There are more than 2,000 exhibitors with tens of thousands of new product introductions.

With so much competition at trade shows, salespeople in a variety of industries are probably asking themselves the same questions.  How do I attract buyers to my space?  How can I increase sales to customers and prospects attending trade shows?  Here are five ideas that may help you answer these questions.

1.  Prepare – Prior to the show, make a target list of dealers and prospects.  Send out emails and make phone calls to your target list to determine who will be attending.

2.  Promote – Mail invitations and send personalized emails to your target list to create a buzz about your manufacturer’s new products.  On your sales visits prior to the show, talk about your company’s new product introductions.  Create excitement.  Gather as many cell phone numbers from buyers and prospects prior to the show as possible.  During the show send short text messages encouraging them to come to your space.

3.  Appointments – For key customers and important prospects, set-up a specific time to meet at your space.  You may not get a specific time commitment, however, if you can narrow down the day and time, the chance of them stopping by the space increases dramatically.

4.  Plan for Trade Show Appointments – After you’ve made your appointments, it’s time to start planning specific recommendations for each buyer.  For example, in the furniture business there are regional style preferences and nuances for each store.  Think through what you’ll recommend for each customer and prospect.  A focused presentation will save you and your buyer valuable time.

5.  Follow-up – Memories fade, so it’s important to make notes on your buyer’s comments, likes and dislikes.  Referring to your notes later will help you plan your follow-up sales call and help close the sale when you’re back in the territory.

Follow these five tips and watch your sales grow.  If you already follow these steps, congratulations, you’re well on your way to maximizing your sales from trade shows.

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