January 21, 2020

6 Tips for Salespeople to Stay on the Road to Success

John Sligh Founder of GoSellGo 300x225 6 Tips for Salespeople to Stay on the Road to SuccessAs salespeople, we are always looking for ways to stay motivated and gain an edge.  It seems there are certain fundamental truths common to all selling champions.  Here are six tips to help all of us who are sales professionals stay on the road to success in business and in life.

Stay the Course with Personal Development

Personal development is an ongoing process and needs to be worked on consistently, everyday no matter how much success we’ve had in the past.

If our goal is to reach the top in selling we need to study sales.  Read books on sales.  Write down selling ideas and then practice what we learn.  Find out what works and what doesn’t so we can change and improve our approach.

While each of us develops our own unique selling style, it’s useful to learn new techniques from sales experts by reading, attending seminars and then making their ideas our own.

As we learn and improve, our confidence will increase and we’ll become more effective at selling.

Be Your Own Best Salesperson

How do we become the best salesperson we’re capable of becoming?  One of the mistakes I’ve made in the past is to compare myself to other salespeople.  Maybe this has happened to you.  Sometimes we forget that everyone comes from different backgrounds, circumstances and life experiences.

Successful people in sales make it look easy.  What we see are the results of a lot of hard work, perseverance and dedication on their part.  We need to focus on our own journey, our own self-improvement and forget about comparing ourselves to others.

Break Your Own Goals, Not Others Goals

Ask yourself the question, “Am I the best that I can be?”  If the answer is no then go to work on improving your situation.  Set goals based on your own personal records.  For example, think of what you would have to do to double your sales.  Then write down as many ideas as possible and make an action plan.  If we do this every day, we will become successful.

Earl Nightingale defined success as “the progressive realization of a worthy goal”.  By that definition, if you’re working on making yourself better today and everyday you are a success.

Read Books to Improve Yourself and Increase Your Sales

Reading books from a variety of authors has really helped me in my quest for self-improvement.  In the morning after breakfast I sit down in my office or in a quiet place when I’m on the road and read motivational material.  Try reading books from people like Jeffrey Gitomer, Earl Nightingale, John C. Maxwell, Darren Hardy and anyone else who writes positive information.

Replace Bad News with Good News

In the morning limit your newspaper reading to the business section.  Scan the headlines to get a feel for what’s happening, however, don’t read about all the negativity in the newspaper.  Don’t start the day on a downer.  Make a conscious decision to skip the bad news sections of the newspaper.  Replace bad news with good news by reading positive messages in the morning.  It starts the day off on a positive note and gets the day moving in the right direction.

Focus on What Matters

After reading positive, motivational messages, review your goals.  Next, write down tasks in your day planner that will help you accomplish your goals.  If you’re like me there are so many goals on the list you need to take time to prioritize. So write down the top six or seven tasks each day and list them in order of priority.

It’s too overwhelming to consider all your goals at one time.  Consider what goals are most important to you at the time and assign yourself tasks to get moving in the right direction of your most pressing goals.

Review your goals each and every morning.  Keep your goal list within easy reach.  Don’t file them away or you’ll forget about them and then at the end of the year wonder why you didn’t reach your personal and sales goals.


As salespeople, it’s easy for us to get lost in the details of our day-to-day tasks.  We need to look more long-term at the big picture on our path of personal development and to recognize it’s a personal journey.  We are unique and should focus on making ourselves the best we can be and not be concerned about how we compare with others.

Personal development has a lot to do with our attitude.  Let’s keep bad news to a minimum and only be concerned about the things within our control.  One thing we can control is the information we put in our minds.  So let’s commit to spending more time reading positive messages through books from expert authors and less on the newspaper.  And finally, let’s spend more time in the morning thinking about our goals and how to reach them.

Follow these tips to stay on your own road to success.  You’ll be glad you did and at the end of the year marvel at how much you accomplished.


  1. Michelle Martin says:

    In pulling up linked in to locate a potential client, I noticed your six tips and took time to read them. Just what I needed to hear this morning, these tips are right on target. Thank you.

  2. John at GoSellGo says:

    Thank you Michelle, I’m glad you found the 6 Tips helpful. Thanks for your comments and for visiting our website.

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