January 21, 2020

Candor vs. Empty Promises (2 of 6)

Danita Bye Founder of Sales Growth Specialists 2 Candor vs. Empty Promises (2 of 6)Three words that are used to describe the opposite of candor are: deception, fraud and lie. So how do you deliver the reality about the current conditions to your clients in a truthful manner without sending them into a state of panic and depression?  I believe the key is the cultivation of an open, honest relationship with all your prospects and clients.

I recently talked to a group of young sales entrepreneurs about how to counteract the escalation of desocialization in the sales process. Yes, we can connect with each other via e-mail, LinkedIn, Facebook, texting, etc. However, these “faceless” mediums of the New Normal Business World often leave us feeling isolated and lonely.

To lead the pack and take market share in this high-speed race, business leaders must be open to develop client centric selling protocols.

Here are a few disciplines you can develop to improve your capacity to show your respect and care towards your clients.

• Step into your client’s boots and look at a situation from their perspective.

• Cultivate personal relationships before you start doing business.

• Take time to understand your client’s dreams, challenges and pain.

• Take the bull by the horns – be brave and shift your thinking to turn negative thoughts into positive sales results.

• Take small steps everyday to change old myths into new powerful sales strategies.

Remember these “do’s” and “don’ts” to help you develop dynamic sales strategies for the New Normal Business Environment:

Deliver candor (An open and honest expression of facts)

Don’t make empty promises

Realism should be balanced with hope.  In my e-book, Leadership Shift, I discuss the need for this continuous balancing act.  Something I learned, growing up on a ranch in North Dakota, is the concept of hopeful realism:  Hopeful realism is a level headed response to adversity which acknowledges all the facts, negative and positive, but at the same time stimulates positive energy in times of turmoil.

Watch this space for more ideas on developing sales strategies for doing New Normal Business.

SALES GROWTH QUESTION:  What are you doing to create an atmosphere of hopeful realism in your workplace?

SALES GROWTH LESSON:  While it is important for sales people to know their limitations, the concept of hopeful realism leads to the creation of realistic solutions.

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Danita Bye is Founder and CEO of Sales Growth Specialists.  Danita was a President’s Club performer for a Fortune 100 company at age 22, her first year out of college.  For almost a decade, she earned recognition as a top sales performer in all the positions she held.  This experience offered Danita a foundation of skills from one of the most respected and intensive corporate training programs available.  In 1997, Danita started Sales Growth Specialists, one of the Twin Cities’ most respected sales management consulting firms.  Danita’s company has carved a track record in building and inspiring high-performance sales teams that achieve bottom-line results.  For more information, visit Danita at her website www.salesgrowthspecialists.com


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