January 21, 2020

Choosing the Right Sales “Opportunity”

glenn 199x300 Choosing the Right Sales OpportunityThese days, lots of people, especially salespeople, are looking for a way to earn some extra money.


Because I am a business coach and a long-time network marketer, many of those people come to me for help in sorting through all of the sales “opportunities” out there.


The Four P’s

For me, the process of separating the truly lucrative sales possibilities from the false advertising starts with what I call The Four P’s:



  • Product
  • Process
  • People
  • Pricing



In the disreputable network marketing companies, there is a striking lack of focus on the product.  The emphasis is upon recruiting and upon the money you could generate once you reach certain levels of sales.


But what are you selling?


In order for you to be truly effective, you have to be selling a product that:

you truly like, understand, AND use. If you are not passionate about the product, you will never be truly enthusiastic about it. A salesperson never sells a product – they sell their enthusiasm about that product.  So, if you are not enthusiastic . . .


You also have to understand the product you are selling.  Merely reciting the company’s literature is not enough. You have to really understand how the product works, why it works, and for whom it works. So, you need to choose a product that is either in a field with which you are familiar or a field in which you are willing to do a lot of research.  Competence creates confidence, which sells.


Finally, you need to be (happily) using the product.  Otherwise, you are in the awkward position of selling something that you yourself would not buy.  This sends a negative message to your potential customers AND means that you will not sound enthusiastic or knowledgeable to them – a lose, lose, lose proposition.



Secondly, you need to evaluate the process by which the company markets their goods and services. If you will be expected to talk to your friends and relatives and you either don’t have a lot of those or have already burned those bridges, this is not the right opportunity for you.


If you are expected to host a lot of parties and are a person who loves to entertain, this could be a good fit for you. However, if you are uncomfortable with public speaking, don’t have a good space for entertaining, or are afraid to invite people, this opportunity will never work for you.


If you are uncomfortable speaking on the phone, in general, companies that expect you to make cold calls from a list you acquire are not for you.


And so it goes – no matter how good that article of clothing looks on the rack, it won’t look good on you if it’s the wrong size.  No matter how lucrative the sales opportunity, you will never succeed using a sales process that doesn’t fit you.



The people who lead the company have to experts in their field AND have to be people who truly care about their sales people and about making a difference in the world.  Unless this comes through in their literature and their interactions, run!



For the moment, I will confine myself to these two points.  If would not buy the product at that price, were it not for the business opportunity, neither will your customers.  The price DOES matter.


But it is not all that matters. If you could save a few dollars on your groceries by ordering some of them on-line, you would soon decide that the change of behavior required (organizing yourself and ordering promptly) and the hassle (being home to receive deliveries) were not worth it. That’s why I always say that if all you are offering your customers is savings, they will soon become ex-customers.


Price is not enough. You also have to be offering your customers something that they can’t get elsewhere, that makes their lives simpler, or that inspires them.


So, when evaluating an sales “opportunity”, notice The Four P’s.  If the company only talks about outcomes (money, etc.), it is not right for you or anyone!


And even if they do talk about all of The Four P’s, those four factors still have to line up with your sales strengths and your lifestyle.


When they do, a fifth P is created: Possibility!


Dr. Glenn Pickering is a life coach and Pastor in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area, who earned his PhD in psychology. He and his Gwen have provided counseling services to thousands of individuals and couples. Dr. Pickering is, at heart, a scientist and a teacher – a keen observer whose brilliant work he shares through his books and seminars that he and his wife Gwen have created. They use real life examples, and concrete change strategies to help transform people’s lives. You can learn more about Glenn at www.TAGfreeliving.com



  1. Amy Vejar says:

    Great article by a clear thinker! I’m involved in two network marketing companies and these truths are so important. There are great companies out there!

  2. John at GoSellGo says:

    Amy, thank you for your comment. Yes I agree, there are network marketing companies that are solid, legitimate businesses. Glenn’s article hopefully helps people evaluate for themselves which opportunities are lucrative and long-term. Network marketing can be a great part-time business for people with the right mindset who want to leverage their time and efforts and develop a “Plan B” income stream

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