January 21, 2020

Email Marketing Tips for Salespeople Everywhere

Email Marketing 300x199 Email Marketing Tips for Salespeople EverywhereFor people in sales, I’ve found a great way to stay in touch with customers and prospects on a regular basis.  Over a year ago, a sales representative friend suggested using Constant Contact for email marketing campaigns.  I took her advice, signed up for a free 60 day trial and ended up subscribing to the program.  Now, each month we send an email newsletter to our list of contacts featuring different product lines.

Do-It-Yourself Newsletters Made Easy

Constant Contact makes it easy for salespeople to produce do-it-yourself newsletters.  The program has professional looking templates that allow you to customize the look of your newsletter.  And it’s easy to upload pictures from your computer to give it a personal touch.  Like anything else, it takes some trial and error to get your newsletter to look just right.  If you run out of time, simply save your drafts and come back later to edit your email before sending.  The end result is your emails will have more visual impact compared to text only messages.

Target Marketing

Salespeople can make separate email lists for different target markets.  For example, we use a different mailing list for each one of our manufacturers.  With one click of the send button our newsletter goes out to over 450 targeted buyers, dealer salespeople and prospects.

Email Marketing Achieves Sales Results

Our Constant Contact email campaigns have achieved results.  We’ve seen an increase in inquiries, appointments and sales that can be directly traced to specific campaigns.  Constant Contact automatically tracks the number of clicks, opens and forwards for each email and lets you know who performed each action.  This information is helpful for following up with those people interested in your products.

Four Reasons Constant Contact is a Great Tool for Salespeople

1.  Saves Time – One click of the button sends your message to hundreds of people.

2.  Saves Money – Low cost do-it-yourself professional looking templates.

3.  Increases Exposure – Sending email newsletters keeps your name in front of customers and prospects on a regular basis.

4.  Generates Warm Leads – Pre-selling through email marketing makes it easier to set-up appointments with people in need of your products or service.

In summary, if you’re a salesperson looking for an effective way to stay engaged with customers and prospects, I recommend using Constant Contact.  It works for our sales business and could work for you.

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