January 21, 2020

Friendly Salespeople Have a Selling Advantage

Friendly Salesperson 300x164 Friendly Salespeople Have a Selling AdvantageAs Salespeople, it is important for us to be friendly and congenial to everyone who comes into contact with us.  People on the street, in the elevator, wait staff at restaurants, cab drivers, flight attendants, fellow salespeople, competitors, sales managers and of course customers.

Being Friendly is a Winning Strategy

In selling, we’ll all get further ahead if we get in the habit of being friendly and helpful.  Helping other people get what they want.  Being supportive and acting as a cheerleader for people will encourage others to do their best.  Being helpful and friendly is a goal we all should consider if we want to win in sales.

Congenial Salespeople Sell More

Over the years I’ve noticed that people in sales who are friendly toward others are well received and sell more.  Buyers go out of their way to do business with and accommodate friendly salespeople.  For those of us who sell for a living its important to get in the habit of being congenial toward everyone so it becomes second nature.

We’ll not only get better service at our favorite restaurant, we’ll also develop better relationships with our customers and make it so they want to do business with us instead of our competition.

High Pressure Sales Tactics Don’t Work

High pressure salesmanship is unnecessary and out of character for friendly salespeople.  Sales will naturally occur in the course of conversations with your customers, so why push?  Our relationship with our customers will deepen if we don’t use high pressure sales tactics.

Low key, friendly and congenial.  It’s a winning combination for those of us in sales.

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