January 21, 2020

Product Demonstration the Old Fashioned Way

history 1935 trailer Product Demonstration the Old Fashioned WayMy Grandpa Chuck showed by example that there’s nothing like a great product demonstration to help close a sale.  Back in 1933, Grandpa carried a desk up five flights of stairs to sell a buyer at a department store in Dayton, Ohio.  He had a carrier made on the back of his car where he secured the desk for travel.  Later, he had a custom trailer made which became his traveling showroom that he used to show furniture products to dealers around the country.

I wonder what would happen if more salespeople today used product demonstration techniques from the old days.  Rather than showing your buyer a picture of your product, why not show them the real thing?  Product demonstration is so important in closing sales especially with new prospects.  Imagine how effective it would be to carry your product into a buyer’s office to show how it works.  Do you think your closing ratio would improve?

The next time you question whether or not you want to go through the hassle of lugging your product with you on your next sales call, think about Grandpa Chuck and his commitment to product demonstration.  Grandpa’s techniques helped him close more sales and they could help you too.


  1. Cindy McAsey says:

    Oh those Grandpa’s they are great aren’t they… When I look at the ease of technology we have available today it makes you forget how tough our generations before us worked just to survive.

    Thanks for the reminder,

    Barefoot in the Garden

  2. John at GoSellGo says:

    Cindy, you are right about Grandpa’s! Salespeople can often improve by applying selling techniques that have worked in the past. Good selling ideas work no matter when they were conceived.

    Thank you for your comments,

    John Sligh
    Founder of GoSellGo

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