January 21, 2020

Surviving in the New Normal Sales Environment (1 of 6)

Danita Bye Founder of Sales Growth Specialists1 Surviving in the New Normal Sales Environment (1 of 6)

As a sales person, have you ever been tempted to compromise your personal values to close a sale?  Let’s face it, it’s a jungle out there!  And it’s not likely to get any easier, is it?  Well I’ll be honest, I have been in many situations where it took all my inner strength to ‘stay on the straight and narrow!”

One of the last classes I attended for my master’s degree in Transformational Leadership was about something that’s very important to me – ethics.  During a class discussion we talked about the concept of The New Normal – something that resonates with everything I’m hearing and seeing in today’s business world.

In The New Normal: Great Opportunities in a Time of Great Risk, Roger McNamee discusses which new skills we may need to grab hold of the abundant array of new opportunities. According to McNamee, global economies are up for grabs at an unprecedented scale.  That raises the question – what’s required from sales people to capitalize on these extraordinary conditions?

I would begin by suggesting you take a careful look at what you’ve always done and do it in a new way. You need to “always be in beta” and be willing to turn old assumptions over, realizing you may have to forsake them altogether and start from scratch.

In this series, I’ll share some “Do’s and Don’ts” to build into your sales strategies in order to stay focused, motivated and ready to capture market share by winning new accounts.

With the right mindset, you can turn seemingly risky business ventures, into exciting business opportunities.

SALES GROWTH QUESTION: How are you dealing with the changing circumstances of the ‘New Normal’ business environment?

SALES GROWTH LESSON: As a Sales Person, you can be part of a team who takes responsibility for capitalizing on the ‘New Normal’ way of doing business.

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Danita Bye is Founder and CEO of Sales Growth Specialists.  Danita was a President’s Club performer for a Fortune 100 company at age 22, her first year out of college.  For almost a decade, she earned recognition as a top sales performer in all the positions she held.  This experience offered Danita a foundation of skills from one of the most respected and intensive corporate training programs available.  In 1997, Danita started Sales Growth Specialists, one of the Twin Cities’ most respected sales management consulting firms.  Danita’s company has carved a track record in building and inspiring high-performance sales teams that achieve bottom-line results.  For more information, visit Danita at her website www.salesgrowthspecialists.com



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