January 21, 2020

Surviving in The New Normal Sales World Be a Continuous Learner (5 of 6)

Danita Bye Founder of Sales Growth Specialists Surviving in The New Normal Sales World Be a Continuous Learner (5 of 6)Selling in today’s fast-paced, hyper-competitive, obstacle-ridden world can be daunting. I notice that high performance sales people that win, even against the most overwhelming odds, have sisu. Sisu is the Finnish word for unbending will, unwavering and unapologetic perseverance. Sales people today know it takes extraordinary insight to stay on track.

My next tip is rooted in my firm belief that fresh insights are born when we’re open to new ideas.

The Do’s: Be a learner

The Don’ts: Don’t wait to be taught

Our bookshelves are filled with multiple formulas for success.  Yet, is there something more foundational than the recent fad that provides insight into balancing the demands of daily decision-making?

I think successful selling is less about being taught – it’s more about being a learner. “Book-knowledge” limits our ability to think out-of-the-box and that kind of knowledge is fast becoming an obstacle rather than an advantage.


Developing the ability to absorb and use the skills, knowledge and technological advances of the modern era will give you a distinct advantage in coping with extra-ordinary challenges.


SALES GROWTH QUESTION: What are the most valuable contributions you have recently received?  What have you given?

SALES GROWTH LESSON: Be a learner. Use all your resources to get better at your selling game.


Danita Bye is Founder and CEO of Sales Growth Specialists.  Danita was a President’s Club performer for a Fortune 100 company at age 22, her first year out of college.  For almost a decade, she earned recognition as a top sales performer in all the positions she held.  This experience offered Danita a foundation of skills from one of the most respected and intensive corporate training programs available.  In 1997, Danita started Sales Growth Specialists, one of the Twin Cities’ most respected sales management consulting firms.  Danita’s company has carved a track record in building and inspiring high-performance sales teams that achieve bottom-line results.  For more information, visit Danita at her website www.salesgrowthspecialists.com


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