January 21, 2020

Surviving in The New Normal Sales World Be a Proactive Sales Success (6 of 6)

danita4web Surviving in The New Normal Sales World Be a Proactive Sales Success (6 of 6)

In the previous five posts in this series we’ve taken a look at some of the challenges sales people are facing in the New Normal business environment of today.  We’ve established that proactive sales people, who are committed to winning more new accounts and keeping their companies on a sustainable, positive growth track, need to do things differently.


I think it might be helpful to summarize the key points of this series to assist you in staying focused, motivated, and clear in your vision.



Four Rules for New Normal Sales People

# 1

Do deliver candor

Don’t make empty promises

KEY POINT: Don’t demoralize your colleagues, but instil hopeful realism: a levelheaded response to adversity which acknowledges all the facts, negative and positive, but at the same time stimulates positive energy in times of turmoil.


Do use the skills and talents of the entire team

Don’t try to do it all on your own

KEY POINT: Successful sales people rally the talents and skills of their sales colleagues to develop new solutions for overwhelming challenges.  Proactive Salesmanship is not about the charisma or competence of one – it’s about the collaborative effort of many.


Do interpret events

Don’t try to control the uncontrollable

KEY POINT: Sometimes even the most courageous sales people face events they are unable to control.  It is important to recognize and admit our inability to control the uncontrollable. Don’t panic.


Do commit yourself to being a learner

Don’t wait to be taught

KEY POINT: Developing the ability to absorb and use the skills, knowledge and technological advances of the modern era will give you a distinct advantage in coping with extra-ordinary challenges.  Book-knowledge, that limits our ability to think out-of-the-box, is fast becoming an obstacle rather than an advantage.


SALES GROWTH QUESTION: What can you change to continue growing sales in the New Normal world?

SALES GROWTH LESSON: Sales people, start tapping into the opportunities of today and help the sales teams to achieve even greater heights.


Danita Bye is Founder and CEO of Sales Growth Specialists.  Danita was a President’s Club performer for a Fortune 100 company at age 22, her first year out of college.  For almost a decade, she earned recognition as a top sales performer in all the positions she held.  This experience offered Danita a foundation of skills from one of the most respected and intensive corporate training programs available.  In 1997, Danita started Sales Growth Specialists, one of the Twin Cities’ most respected sales management consulting firms.  Danita’s company has carved a track record in building and inspiring high-performance sales teams that achieve bottom-line results.  For more information, visit Danita at her website www.salesgrowthspecialists.com



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