January 21, 2020

Surviving in The New Normal Sales World Interpretation vs. Control (4 of 6)

Danita Bye Founder of Sales Growth Specialists 21 Surviving in The New Normal Sales World Interpretation vs. Control (4 of 6)

What is your first reaction when disaster strikes?  I don’t know about you, but I often panic. My heart races, my focus narrows and sometimes I think everyone around me can hear me breathe.  Being a self-confessed Maximizer, I quickly had to learn that very often, it’s not about controlling events – it’s more about interpreting them.


Even the most courageous sales person faces events they are unable to control.  Global financial collapses, wars and natural disasters may be extreme examples of these situations, but that’s exactly what we’ve had to deal with over the last few years.  And that’s why I believe it’s critical for us to recognize and admit our inability to control the uncontrollable.


In his book, Great by Choice, Jim Collins examines the reasons why some companies thrive in uncertainty and others do not.  One of the important lessons I have learned in working with sales people in growth companies:  It is more important to focus on finding and developing new solutions than it is to dwell on failures of the past.


Try to make this sales strategy part of your daily inspiration, no matter what challenges you are facing.


Do interpret events

Don’t try to control the uncontrollable

In our business situations we encounter our own earthquakes: out of the blue, your biggest client announces that he is leaving or you wake up one morning to realize a new venture that you have invested a substantial amount of time in is just not delivering the ROI you expected. Don’t panic.



“Stop, drop and roll” is a safety technique that is taught to children as part of health and safety training. The main aim of this technique is to extinguish a fire on a person’s body, but it is also a powerful psychological tool: focusing on the job of putting out the fire, you are less likely to panic.


SALES GROWTH QUESTION: What can you do to stay calm during times of chaos and uncertainty?

SALES GROWTH LESSON: When we receive bad news, our actions are often propelled by one overriding emotion: fear.  Learn to stay calm and focused in times of turmoil.

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Danita Bye is Founder and CEO of Sales Growth Specialists.  Danita was a President’s Club performer for a Fortune 100 company at age 22, her first year out of college.  For almost a decade, she earned recognition as a top sales performer in all the positions she held.  This experience offered Danita a foundation of skills from one of the most respected and intensive corporate training programs available.  In 1997, Danita started Sales Growth Specialists, one of the Twin Cities’ most respected sales management consulting firms.  Danita’s company has carved a track record in building and inspiring high-performance sales teams that achieve bottom-line results.  For more information, visit Danita at her website www.salesgrowthspecialists.com





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