January 21, 2020

The Sales Success Mindset

Howard Salpeter The Sales Success MindsetThe reason so many people fail to be really successful in sales isn’t lack of knowledge or they don’t know what to do, or even lack of capital.

It’s fear.

But fear, understood and controlled, is a strong ally.

People have all kinds of fears when it comes to sales. They fear losing money, fear  making mistakes, fear  looking stupid to others.

But never let fear shut you down!

We all have fears and that’s only natural, but we can’t allow fear to prevent us from profiting from our knowledge.

Take action because action drives away fear. Find out what you need to get you moving and keep on moving. Perhaps you need a spouse or partner to share the burden and to provide moral support when you’re down. Possibly you need a mentor or sales manager to push you forward. Maybe your desire for money is all the driver you need.

The secret about sales?

You need knowledge, but not that much to start. You just need enough to begin and a source for the information you’ll need along the way. Your knowledge base will grow as you grow.

Commit yourself to taking action immediately. Get in the mindset of making decisions and carrying them out. You’ll be amazed at the success your efforts bring. Just start, and start today.

DO THIS NOW: write this memory reminder on an index card or piece of paper and put it on your mirror so you look at it every day:

“If it’s to be, it’s up to me.”


Howard Salpeter has worked over 35 years in independent sales and real estate. He is a two time Dean Of  IHFRA honoree, one of only 6 nationally. Howard is a licensed real estate agent with The John Burgess Group, one of the top-producing real estate teams in Montgomery County, Maryland and Washington DC.  The Burgess Group is unique in the area in that it serves buyers, sellers and renters, as well as real estate investors.  They are affiliated with Realty Executives International, with offices in 20 countries and ranked by Inc. Magazine as one of the fastest growing real estate companies in America. He has built his years of success on understanding sales as a relationship business which is client-centric, the ultimate goal always being a win-win situation. Feel free to contact Howard at Howard@JohnBurgessRealtor.com




  1. Amber King says:

    Fear is the greatest enemy of the human mind. In business, if you have this trait you would likely fail. Entrepreneurs and business people should be fearless. Fearless in making decisions, fearless in taking risks and fearless when talking to prospects. The presence of fear will hold instability.

    Wonderful article. Thank you for sharing.

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