January 21, 2020

Get Paid

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Attention: Sales Pros, Entrepreneurs, and Professionals …

“New ‘Twist’ on 254-Year Old Wisdom

of Ben Franklin Can Create Wealth

for Almost Anyone”

An invitation to an unprecedented opportunity.

A way up and out of the limitations of your current situation.

A Revenue-Producing Plan suitable for just about ANY sales professional
and any true entrepreneur.

This may be the most important letter you read this year.

Here’s why …

Ben Franklin was, without a doubt, America’s first financial genius.

His ideas were so far ahead of his time that, even now, people are still discovering his value.

Before helping the American colonies achieve political independence, Franklin achieved financial independence in 1748 — that was the year he retired, financially free, at age 42.

In 1758, he wrote the first American book on personal finance, The Way to Wealth.

Franklin said that there are two ways to become wealthy: You can either increase your income or reduce your needs. Either one will do. But, if you’re smart, you’ll do both at the same time.

Now, there’s a new way to increase your income — and help others save money on brand name products at the same time.

Here’s what this is about: I’m looking for sales and marketing professionals, business owners, and entrepreneurs who want to add a new revenue stream to their existing business, or create an entirely new business.

If you can honestly answer “YES” to these 5 questions, you qualify:

  1. Do you sincerely enjoy making money and watching your savings grow?
  2. Would you like to add another stream of income to your existing business or career?
  3. While you continue to work in your chosen business or profession, are you willing to give some of your leisure time to making money — and keep at it as your success grows?
  4. Would you like to get paid for casual referrals to your business contacts, suppliers, and customers?
  5. Do you want to try first before you commit, because you prefer to judge and decide for yourself?


If you can say “Yes” to those 5 questions, good. You’ll find this letter of great importance …

… because it’s an invitation to join one of the world’s largest affiliate marketing teams — and add a significant new income stream to your business (or start an entirely new business).

What is affiliate marketing?

It’s a way to earn money by helping a business promote their product or service. In most cases, you earn a commission when someone follows a link on your blog, web site, or email to another site, where they take an action or make a purchase.

The commissions you earn are often a percentage of the sale but can also be a fixed amount of money.

Rather than spend millions of dollars on traditional advertising, it’s more cost-effective to pay individuals like you to get the word — out one person at a time.

That’s the simple power of affiliate marketing.

And for that, we need sales and marketing professionals — like you.

As a qualified affiliate, you can plug into a marketing system that generates multiple streams of income – and gives you the opportunity to follow one of Ben Franklin’s paths to wealth – increasing your income.

You can:

  1. Generate multiple streams of revenue through your online business centers
  2. Follow the marketing system part-time or go full-time.

Either way, you get rewarded with recurring monthly revenue for sales that you refer.

Now. What would you do with an extra $5,000 or $10,000 more per month?

Especially if you could generate that income by plugging into a system that gives you the tools and tactics to succeed … without disrupting your core business and without requiring you to work crazy hours.

Best part: You can live and work anywhere there’s internet access.

Plus, you can maximize your income with tools like these:

  • Marketing system, to get our proven pre-approved sales messages out to your contacts (so you can do what you do best – follow-up on hot leads who are ready to take action)
  • Autoresponder emails – your e-commerce websites are self-sufficient (no need to worry about paperwork or customer service)
  • Back-office sales and commission tracking – you can watch your progress and easily manage your business

So … what’s the catch?

Just one. It’s simple and very reasonable. The “business in a box” is NOT for everybody. Specifically, this is not for:

  • people who want an Easy Button for everything and aren’t willing to work …
  • people with an entitlement attitude — if you think you can “Occupy” your way to real success, please leave now …
  • people who prefer quick excuses over diligent solutions. As Ben Franklin said, “Energy and persistence conquer all things.”

On the other hand, this business is for you if you’re:

  • a sales or marketing professional, business owner or entrepreneur who is looking for another revenue stream …
  • a professional who’s been downsized and who needs additional income.


If you’ve read this far, you probably want to make a change in your situation.

Why not take the next step and learn more? Especially when …

You can ask me any questions

you want!

I’m sure you have questions about all this and that’s understandable. That’s why you can contact me, by phone or email, to explain everything in detail.

Plus …

Be one of the first to respond and

you receive an added FREE GIFT

If you’re one of the first people to take action — and you’re serious about learning more — I’d like to reward you with mini-quote books for your success library from Jim Rohn, Brian Tracy and others . . .

The wisdom in each of them is priceless. But I’m happy to gift you with these mini-quote books as my way of saying, “Thank you” for discussing this opportunity.

What to do next

Let’s talk about the cash flow potential that’s available to you today.

The quote books are yours for free. There’s absolutely no cost or obligation to fill out the contact form below to get started, get your questions answered, and see if this business is right for you.

Don’t delay. There’s a limit to how many people I can work with. Once my schedule fills up, it’s all over and you miss out. Why let another opportunity pass you by?

You need to get on board, claim your Free Gift, and fill-in the contact form below with your contact information and phone number.  Or if you’d rather contact me by phone CALL NOW at (612) 460-0474.

You’ll be glad you did!

As you can tell, I’m excited about this opportunity for sales and marketing professionals.

It’s a vehicle that helps my family achieve our dreams, which include traveling with my wife Liz … spending more time with our kids as they get older … earning more income … and helping others achieve their own dreams.

That’s why this business is so rewarding.

Please let me hear from you today!

Good Selling,


John Sligh - Salesman & Founder of GoSellGo.com


P.S. — It does NOT matter if you’ve “tried adding a new revenue stream” before and failed … if you have a small business you’d be happy just adding another $10,000 a month to … if you’re bent on world domination … if you’re unsure how you might use this information — NONE of that should stand in your way of getting your hands on the “business in a box” I’m describing here.

Some significant portion of this WILL prove applicable to your existing business and/or open up hidden opportunity for you.

As long as you have ambition and a mind capable of considering new facts and information, I’m happy to gift you with your FREE quote books and explain everything in detail over the phone. It’s all on me. No cost. No obligation.

Please contact me now at (612) 460-0474

We can meet by phone, email, webinar … or sit down for a cup of coffee if you live in the Twin Cities.

Please let me hear from you today.

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